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Enable collaborative design for complex semiconductor projects:

Dassault Systèmes Silicon Thinking Semiconductor Collaborative Design process integrates deep design analytics from ENOVIA® Pinpoint® and design data management from ENOVIA Synchronicity® DesignSync® to enhance team productivity for IC design. This process experience is used today by over 120 IC development organizations around the world to boost design team productivity.

ENOVIA Synchronicity DesignSync :
ENOVIA Synchronicity DesignSync helps centralize IC design data management for large, distributed projects. Design data is captured directly from electronic design automation (EDA) tools into a hierarchical data structure, which then provides coordinated access for distributed design teams. This hierarchical structure directly supports an IP-block assembly approach for rapidly designing customer-specific ICs. It helps simplify and speed integration of design sub-elements into the overall IC design, facilitating design reuse.

ENOVIA Pinpoint :
ENOVIA Pinpoint provides managers with dashboards and graphical analytics to assess and accelerate design closure. ENOVIA Pinpoint enables analysis of diverse design, simulation, and testing data with historical timelines to help you see where projects might be diverging from planned milestones. Project managers and designers have a shared view from which to make joint project management decisions.
To help ensure that complex integrated designs succeed, the right foundation for collaborative design and information systems is essential. Dassault Systèmes Silicon Thinking Semiconductor Collaborative Design process:
• Scales across large, distributed teams
• Supports IP reuse and variant optimization
• Works with multiple application platforms and keeps designers “designing”
• Maximizes information access
• Accelerates project decision making through automated, advanced analytics, and dashboards.


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