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ENOVIA Pinpoint provides your team with the information they need to get your design closed and taped-out  sooner. Rather than providing another tool that generates yet more data, we’ve focused ENOVIA Pinpoint on specific areas that help teams work better together. It provides actionable information to engineers and managers by extracting the critical metrics from existing tools at each step in the flow, and applying proprietary visualization techniques for relevance and context. All of the information resides on a central project server accessed through links and a browser, enabling communication and collaboration by team members. ENOVIA Pinpoint enables your entire team to work more efficiently to achieve your goals in complex designs.

Every manager knows that it’s the problems they see early that can be easily solved. These are not the ones that disrupt projects and careers. It’s the ones nobody saw coming until it was too late to do anything about without painful and time-consuming solutions. From the outset of physical design work, ENOVIA Pinpoint enables managers to see and analyze the entire progress of the design — to see how metrics are trending toward their goals. ENOVIA Pinpoint takes the mind boggling arrays of multi-dimensional data, analyzes and rolls them up in a simple visual dashboard with historical timelines to help you see where things might be trending off track. This provides context and improves communication between engineers and managers.

When the information is available, managers can use it to make better decisions. But you need high quality, reviewed information to make sure decisions are valid . This comes from the engineers actively using the tool to solve their problems. We’ve worked hard to make ENOVIA Pinpoint a tool for engineers as well as managers. ENOVIA Pinpoint provides sufficient detail for engineers to quickly find solutions to the problems in the design. We believe this is critical to any collaboration tool – providing fast, easy-to-access information that expedites and improves the decisions each engineer is making. ENOVIA Pinpoint provides visualization that helps engineers see the problem in a form they can act on, as well as communicate more accurately with their counterparts whether they are across the hallway or across the globe.

How expensive is a tapeout delay of one day? One week? How often do engineers work extra days to solve a problem that someone’s expertise could certainly help them solve, except for the fact that communicating about it and arranging effective collaboration is too difficult? Designers tell us this is one of the most frustrating challenges in today’s designs.

Dassault Systèmes has a well-established history in physical design tools and technology, and ENOVIA Pinpoint understands physical design data natively. It applies this technology to provide engineers with ways to see and communicate the issues they are working to solve. ENOVIA Pinpoint also enables engineers to see a broader context when looking at multiple experiments. They can see that even though timing was better for one experiment, the utilization won’t allow them to close that version, or the power became excessive.

Ultimately, ENOVIA Pinpoint helps individuals and teams make decisions that cannot be made in the absence of the information it provides. It brings focus to a myriad of factors that must be considered in design closure, and keeps teams current with design flow progress and on the same page. At the same time it helps managers to see and understand the status of all of the blocks in the design, based on objective information. This helps you get your designs done in a shorter time and with less risk.


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