Design Collaboration with Enovia Pinpoint

Pinpoint for Semiconductor Collaborative Design

The globalization of semiconductor design is requiring design teams to reinvent the way that they collaborate.  Email, screenshots, and “throwing the design over the wall” are no longer effective means of communication between designers.  Intelligent ways of sharing design data are needed to facilitate collaboration amongst members of globally dispersed design teams. Designers need “Instant ON” access to the latest design data to make informed design decisions, without the need to invoke expensive design tools and wait for the latest version of a design to load.  RTL designers and physical designers need to be able to communicate effectively with each other without having to be experts in each other’s design domains or design tools.

“Instant-on” access to all data during :  Collaboration with peers worldwide

  1. Physical and logical design engineers
  2. Internal and external communication and sharing results
  3. Collaboration on issue resolutions
  •       Tool agnostic: Unique visualization and common dashboard extracting data from various tools

Pinpoint Benefits


  • Team Efficiency – Instant access to all data during design review meetings
  • Visibility Into Design Data – from summary level to low-level detail with a click
  • OBJECTIVE status of the design – block-level or full-chip
  • Historical Metrics Database – trending, converging or not
  • Engineers
  • Collaboration w/peers worldwide
  • Common communication platform for RTL and physical designers
  • Easy/Complete Experiment Comparison

Pinpoint helps bring clarity to physical design teams in the midst of tapeout.  Helping them make better decisions, and improve their performance as a team.


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